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A House in Eastern Europe

The conversion was from a large old building in to two identical three story houses . The clients were two brothers and we did one of the houses. We commissioned a huge glamorous chandelier to view through three floors.

We used plain toughened glass for the stair balustrade

finished with a leather rapped handrail. The bedroom floor hallway featured a contemporary mosaic wall that we also commissioned from London.

interior designer london

interior designer london

interior designer london

The project was a razed site with new build and foundations on a period plot. We were given a clean builders shell with architectural details installed to our design. The upper floors feature the bedroom wings. In a large and long hallway we devised two areas. The ‘landing’ area features a custom commissioned mosaic wall of my design. Perspex furniture was used not to obliterate the artwork wall.

The highlights and success of the project lies with a judicious use of materials and textural finishes which we were freely allowed to implement. Even a bathroom, tricky in regular to overscale proportion is lavished with protected cotton chintz damask French upholstered walling contrasting with gleaming quartz stone dado walls and floors . We commissioned a Tamara Lempicka inspired ‘bas-relief artwork enhancing the sybaritic ambiance of the room.

interior designer london

The challenges faced included working bedrooms , media rooms and dressing rooms within the upper floor pitched roof areas ( following the architecture of the original building aesthetics.

A secondary ( internalised ) entrance hall which was some ten metres long was divided into alcoves with stools lined with a guaffraged velvet the design of which was copied and hand carved in stone for a central niche .

interior designer london

We hope you enjoyed the insight into this wonderful property.

London Interior Designer Stephen Ryan.

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