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2018 Interior Design Trends

It is seemingly time for the ‘Trend Forecast’ stuff again.

So these are just a few things that have been ‘occurring’ in my own zeitgeist ………

Firstly, millennial pink ( ? ) as others have called it, that I love and predicted at least six years ago ( again) is still in.

I only refer to baby through to peony , not that insipid beige cami knicker pink that people play safe with.

On from the right pink, we can lead to pastels , all colours but with the same subtle tonality that you can freely mix together .

Brights will still have their moments with violet currently being touted as a hot new colour.

Violet to purple, in particular, my favourite ‘ecclesiastical ‘ tone that I like to call ‘Pope Purple ‘, all power to it and those brave enough to try.

Many years ago, Helena Rubinstein briefed David Hicks for a complete apartment in purple . He did it, she loved it. Conviction !

Emerald and navy will also feature. ( 'Blue and green should never be seen’ , what rubbish ?)

A navy dining room with emerald chairs and two stuffed peacocks on 2200 high malachite columns ? We’ll design it for you ?

I am wondering, and hoping, that private entertaining and dinner parties come back into vogue, to sit in a room like this .

I am intrigued that every ‘new build’ development fashions and sells a kitchen and sitting room as one room?

How ghastly to relax in a principal room full of cooking odours ,why ?

I can see the benefit of kitchen and dining areas combined, that’s about as open plan as I would accept.

Shou Sugi Ban is my next trend. This is a Japanese technique of preserving wood with a fire technique .

Houses can receive this treatment but I think it would be great as a furniture finish. This along with dark wood finishes finally overtaking blonde woods is on trend.

Blonde and scandi , and mid -century , overdone and overrated ?

Internal ‘living walls’ , the fakes are getting rather clever and quite practical .

Industrial design, long popular, I think has almost had it’s day !(just as I learn to love internal brick walls)

Over popularised by every other restaurant in any gentrified neighbourhood .

Concrete (which I have always loved ) will gain in popularity . My fantasy room (back to dining) was always concrete walls with matching coloured velvet or linen curtains with Canaletto’s on the walls . One day ?

On trend, still with noble materials, would be marble and brass (or brushed gold) for accessories and lamps.

After a lovely dinner in your rich, romantic dining room, you might retire to a sybaritic bathroom/home spa which I think is still a wish list favourite, before slipping, quite literally on silk sheets on a waterbed?

Whatever happened to them? I never tried one, maybe they will return?

2019 ? We shall see, we might have all emigrated just before we Brexit ?

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