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Am I the only one loving using mirror architecturally?

Am I The Only One Loving Using Mirror Architecturally ?

I’ve often thought I should have shares in Pilkingtons !

I trust that you'll agree, that used architecturally mirror will enhance spaces if used judiciously.

I love most forms of mirror, antiquated, plain, eglomised; not too often bevelled (never after 1790).

At the Château de Versailles, the hall of mirrors is a spectacular early use of mirror just the way i like it!

Designed by Mansart at the whim of Louis XIV in 1678, 17 mirrored arches using 357 mirrors reflect 1

7 opposing arcade windows, centrally overlooking the grounds.

The countess de fresque had the right idea in the gilded century too.

"I bought a nasty piece of land that brought in nothing but wheat, i sold it and in return i got a beautiful mirror. Did i not work wonders - some wheat for this beautiful mirror" (17th century Aristocratic Lady's Toilette kit!)

If you might fancy a hall of mirrors let us design it for you?

Stephen Ryan; Interior Designer London.

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